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This and so much more is all possible and easy with Kodi.Hi, I have searched but cant seem to find an answer to this.It will be launched every X hours within the interval unless on of the conditions specified by you as been met (don't run during media playback, etc) in which case it will be run at the next earliest convenience.Advanced Timer - specify a cron expression to use as an interval for the update process.If you are playing an audio or video file when the timer starts it can skip the library update process until it is completed so that you're media experience is not interrupted.Updating a specific Video Path, and Cleaning the Music/Video libraries is now supported.All source files for this addon can be found via the Github page.A note on Timers: Standard Timer - specify an interval to run the library update process.

Originally added to help share files to other Kodi instances as a UPn P media source, Kodi's UPn P server also enables you to share media with other UPn P-clients on your local network.

I have gone in manually for each of the folders holding the movie and tried a manual update. Also their is no library view option as you get on say pc version of xbmc?

This produces the same outcome as the update on the top level folder. Did you try browsing to an individual file in file mode? Next, call up the context menu on a single file and request the movie information from the context menu.

great job guys Question: Is there a way for the host to show up as Movie etc.. Host - Windows 8 - Log Client - Windows 7 - Log both x86 From the perspective of the HOST, were the library video files local files or were they on a network share?

SMB Network Share - Buffalo Live Station 100mb Network Wired Connection Did opening the "Title" node on the client take a long time?

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