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Chen made arrangements afterwards with Yoo's agent to fly Yoo from South Korea to Taiwan to audition for My Lucky Star, which landed Yoo the lead female role in that drama.

At the time, Yoo had already appeared in the music video "White Windmill" for Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.

Yoo Ha-na (born March 22, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea) is a South Korean actress.

She has starred alongside Jimmy Lin in the Taiwanese TV drama series My Lucky Star, and has also appeared in the music video for "White Windmill" by Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.

6 before returning to South Korea, where she starred in TV dramas such as My Too Perfect Sons, First Wives' Club, and Paradise Ranch.

They're absolutely not a couple."Kang Han Na's label Fantagio also stated, "It's true that Kang Ha Na and several others went to an amusement park in Osaka.

However, she was not there alone with Darren Wang and the dating reports are false."Darren Wang gained love in South Korea for the film 'Our Times'.

According to a report from Korea Boo, the woman named Hwang Hana, who was assumed as Yoochun's soon-to-be-wife, posted her weariness about the whole wedding plan situation on her Instagram account.

Hwang Hana writes on her caption sarcastically that media has been spreading false news about her identity as the owner of a shopping mall as well as the daughter of a food company.

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